The Lion Who Pretended to be Sick

Once there was a lion. He worked out everyday in order to capture his preys. But, he didn’t really suceed. He hasn’t eaten anything for two days in a row. That day, he saw his first prey in 2 days. A small colt. He was playing until he saw Lion.

” Don’t run away! I want to eat you!” Lion roared.

” AHHH!! DANGEROUS!!” The colt screamed.

” NO!! Come back!” Lion yelled.

The colt dissappeared.

“Argh. It got away. How do these little animals run away so fast?!”

He went home, with an empty stomach.

” How am I supposed to get those animals without working? Working out is useless, basically.”

Then, a light bulb flashed on top of his head. Ding!

He thought that if he pretended to be sick, all the animals would come to his house and they’d get eaten! So he lied in bed, and waited. His first prey came. It was Lamb.

” Hello? Lion? I heard you were sick? I came to see how you were.” Lamb yelled from the other side of the door.

” Oh, yes. I am terribly sick. Could you do me a favor and cover me with my blankets? I’m too weak to handle this little thing.” Lion replied.

So Lamb fell for it. He got eaten. The same thing happened to Rabbit, Monkey, Deer, and many other animals.

Then, Fox came. He saw the footprints of other animals going in Lion’s cave, but never coming out.

” Fox, come in!”

” I’m afraid I can’t. If I go in there, I’m never going to come out, like the other animals. So long!”

Aftert that, he left.

” No! Wait! Fox! Grr.. Fox is just too sneaky! So sad. No food today.”

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Fishing Sinensis

There was once a young man who fished for sinensis. Risking his life to go to the bottom of the sea everyday, he got all the sinensis he could find. It took a whole day to get a full bag. Then ,at the end of each day, he went to the marketplace and carted his sinensis down the street. He parked his cart in his usual spot, next to the coal seller. Then, he started to yell,

” Selling sinensis! Here! Precious and rare sinensis!!”

But nobody came. It seemed that his neighbor, the coal seller was doing a fine job at selling his coal. Then, a young lady came up to him and said,

” How much are you selling this for?”

He replied,” $100 a piece. ”

“What? That’s way too expensive. Who would buy you’re sinensis?” Then, she stalked off.

The young man sighed. At the end of the day, the coal seller was sold out and had earned money. But, the lad didn’t. He didn’t even sell a piece.

That’s when he thought of an idea.

” Hmm.. If I sell coal, then I could make more money!”

So he went home, got the rest of his sinensis, and fried them until they looked black as coal. The next day, he went to the marketplace to sell them.

” Fresh Coal! For the cheapest price on earth!” he yelled.

When his neighbor the coal seller saw him, he shook his head and said,

“silly boy.”

At the end of the day, he sold out. He was incredibly happy, but he only made a few coins. An old man walked by and asked,

“So, how was the business today?”

“I fried the sinensis to make it look like coal, and I told everybody that it was coal. I got these few coins for it.”

” Crazy boy! You used valuable sinensis to sell it as coal! Something easy to find and not worth much! You weren’t paitient to wait for the right moment!”

He walked away, shaking his head. He had finally learned to be paitient.

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On the Moon

Once  there was a woodcutter and he always wanted to become a god. He asked many masters to accept him as a disciple. They all agreed, no matter what, but his lack of paitience stopped him from getting what he wanted.  One day, the god of heaven saw this, and he went down to Earth disguised as an old man, and told the young lad, to follow him. He led the young man through a forest, and pointed at one tree in particular. He was a woodcutter, so it would be easy for him. But, the trick was, everytime the man rested after cutting a little of the trunk, the wood would heal itself. So, what he HAD to do was cut it all at once. Which was impossible. He tried for many years, but never cut it . The old man had told him, that, if he wanted to be a god, then he must cut down that tree. But it was hard. Right now, he lives on the moon, and is probably still cutting the tree right this moment.

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The Prettiest Bird

The king of birds was tired. He was old. So he held a contest. It was for discovering whomever was prettiest. The winner would be announced king. Everybody was so excited, they couldn’t wait to get ready. But, only one individual sat on a branch, crying. Crow. Crow knew that he wasn’t pretty and not a least bit pleasant. He cried and cried. Until he noticed a patch of colorful feathers on the ground. Another bird must’ve dropped one of their feathers, if not, then maybe five birds. He stopped crying and picked the feathers up. He attached the feathers to himself and looked at himself. He was actually pretty! Then, he could enter the contest. The day of the contest came. He went, and everybody looked at him in awe. Then, he began to sing. He got overexcited that one by one, the attached feathers came right off! And he didn’t notice, not one bit! He looked as his black feathers in dismay. Then, he started crying.

” Don’t worry , Crow. Your black feathers are pretty too.” his friends and some other contestants assured him.

Even though he didn’t win the contest, he felt much better, and was more prouder of his feathers than before.

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Cat and Dog Get Lost

Cat and dog were sister and brother. I know you’re thinking : Wait, dogs don’t like cats. Well, that’s what I thought too. They are enimies in real life, but not in this story. Quite simple, perhaps. The title gave it away. Anyway, one day, cat and dog were outside playing, until they got far into the woods.

” Cat, if you get hungry, ask me. I have plenty of food. ” said Dog.

” Thanks! If you get thirsty, tell me, because I have water for both of us. ” Cat responded.

So they played and played and played. Cat showed Dog how to catch butterflies, and Dog showed cat how to swim. They were having fun, until it got dark.

” Let’s go home. It’s getting dark. ” said Dog.

” Good idea,” came the response.

The two walked and walked, and then they realized that they were lost.

” I think we’re lost.” mumbled Cat.

Dog’s eyes went wide and barked, ” NOOOOO! I’m tired…”

Cat climbed on a tree and tried to see the road ahead. ” Aha! I see the road beyond those two hills, our house is right behind! Come on!”

Cat leaped off the tree and went ahead. Dog followed. They had eaten all their snacks, and Cat said,

” Meow, Mother promised me a fried fish. I’m hungry already!” 

They came to three roads.

” Oh no!!! How are we supposed to get home, when we don’t know which road is right??” Cat said.

” Don’t worry,” said Dog. ” I have a charm.” He said like a secret detective. He pointed to his nose, and then it started twitching, smelling the first road.

” Noo… Not this road . It doesn’t smell like home. ”

He went to the second road and sniffed. He had the same reaction as he did to the first.

Cat said, ” Well, if it wasn’t those two, then it must be the third one!!”

“waaaiittt, I needa test it first..” said Dog.

He sniffed it, and then jumped up, saying, ” It’s this one!”

The two followed it and went home.

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             Once upon a time, there lived a royal family. They held a woman as queen. She was very fierce, mean, and not a mother a princess would like. Now, up in heaven, in a place nobody knew, lived many Flower fairies, and each and very one controlled a different kind of flower, such as, the dandelion fairy, the peony fairy, the cherry blossom fairy. Every single flower, of every kind, had a fairy, whose jobs were to coax them the blossom in the spring. Unfortunately, the lady king of the royal family wanted to go outside to enjoy flowers. Not like she would do horrible things though, but it was just that it was in the middle of winter, and flowers don’t blossom in winter. She went outside, saw the scene in front of her, and stood there, eyes wide. Then she bellowed,

” Each and every one of you stupid flowers, you better blossom tomorrow or else a terrible fate will come upon you all, and I will be in charge! Hmph!!”

Then, she stomped back inside, angry for not getting to see any flowers. Well, after the king left, all the trees were afraid, because if she was going to punish the flowers, that means all plants are involved. So all the plants, trees and shrubs that didn’t get covered by the snow sought the help of the flower fairies. After they heard this, the were really worried, and sought the help of their mistress, the flower queen, whose job was to look after all the fairies, and all the flowers, and had a name. Her friends called he Hundred Flower Fairy, and the smaller fairies called her mistress. Anyway, when the tried to find their mistress at her house, she wasn’t there, because she was entertaining some guests . She she wasn’t home. The fairies didn’t know which friend she went to, since she had so much, and soon, it would be too late, so all the fairies didn’t have a choice but to go to the garden and coax them without permission. Only Peony remained searching for her mistress, and while all her sisters were already in the human world, blossoming flowers, she was still looking. Then, she realized it was useless, so she decided to go down to the human world anyway. Unfortunately, the king was already outside, looking at flowers. Then, she noticed that the peony wasn’t blooming. She got angered, so she said, ” Why, peonies are my favorite flower, and why hasn’t it bloomed?! Guards! I order you to burn this flower to death!”

But, the princess stepped into her way, and said, ” Please give it a few hours, please, mother. ”

So she agreed. Peony made it, and she coaxed her flower. The king still complained that it was too late for it to bloom, so she banned it from the castle and ordered her servants to plant it outside of the castle, in the village, in other words. And that’s how the Peony became the most beautiful flower in the village. At leats, to the villagers.

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The Story of Li Bai

     In ancient China, there was a famous poet named Li Bai. So famous, that he’s still known today. You would’ve thought that he studied hard to get where he was, but no. When he was young, he refused to study and read. He always wanted to play. One day, when he was reading, he got distracted. He wanted to play. So he put down his books and went outside. He passed an old lady sitting outside her house. Strange enough, she was grinding a piece of metal on a rock. Li Bai found himself very curious, so he went up to her and asked,

” Grandma, what are you doing with that piece of metal?”

“I want to grind it until it’s thin as a needle, so I can use it for sewing.” she replied.

Li Bai laughed.

” That piece of metal is huge! To get it to be a needle, it would take years!”

” Nothing is impossible. ” she said. Then, said a poem right on the spot.

Li Bai went home, influenced by the grandma’s energy, and started to study from that day on, and whenever he faced difficulties, he always remembered the old grandma and her poem. And that’s how he got to where he was.

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