The Lion Who Pretended to be Sick

27 May

Once there was a lion. He worked out everyday in order to capture his preys. But, he didn’t really suceed. He hasn’t eaten anything for two days in a row. That day, he saw his first prey in 2 days. A small colt. He was playing until he saw Lion.

” Don’t run away! I want to eat you!” Lion roared.

” AHHH!! DANGEROUS!!” The colt screamed.

” NO!! Come back!” Lion yelled.

The colt dissappeared.

“Argh. It got away. How do these little animals run away so fast?!”

He went home, with an empty stomach.

” How am I supposed to get those animals without working? Working out is useless, basically.”

Then, a light bulb flashed on top of his head. Ding!

He thought that if he pretended to be sick, all the animals would come to his house and they’d get eaten! So he lied in bed, and waited. His first prey came. It was Lamb.

” Hello? Lion? I heard you were sick? I came to see how you were.” Lamb yelled from the other side of the door.

” Oh, yes. I am terribly sick. Could you do me a favor and cover me with my blankets? I’m too weak to handle this little thing.” Lion replied.

So Lamb fell for it. He got eaten. The same thing happened to Rabbit, Monkey, Deer, and many other animals.

Then, Fox came. He saw the footprints of other animals going in Lion’s cave, but never coming out.

” Fox, come in!”

” I’m afraid I can’t. If I go in there, I’m never going to come out, like the other animals. So long!”

Aftert that, he left.

” No! Wait! Fox! Grr.. Fox is just too sneaky! So sad. No food today.”

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Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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