On the Moon

23 May

Once  there was a woodcutter and he always wanted to become a god. He asked many masters to accept him as a disciple. They all agreed, no matter what, but his lack of paitience stopped him from getting what he wanted.  One day, the god of heaven saw this, and he went down to Earth disguised as an old man, and told the young lad, to follow him. He led the young man through a forest, and pointed at one tree in particular. He was a woodcutter, so it would be easy for him. But, the trick was, everytime the man rested after cutting a little of the trunk, the wood would heal itself. So, what he HAD to do was cut it all at once. Which was impossible. He tried for many years, but never cut it . The old man had told him, that, if he wanted to be a god, then he must cut down that tree. But it was hard. Right now, he lives on the moon, and is probably still cutting the tree right this moment.

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Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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