The Prettiest Bird

23 May

The king of birds was tired. He was old. So he held a contest. It was for discovering whomever was prettiest. The winner would be announced king. Everybody was so excited, they couldn’t wait to get ready. But, only one individual sat on a branch, crying. Crow. Crow knew that he wasn’t pretty and not a least bit pleasant. He cried and cried. Until he noticed a patch of colorful feathers on the ground. Another bird must’ve dropped one of their feathers, if not, then maybe five birds. He stopped crying and picked the feathers up. He attached the feathers to himself and looked at himself. He was actually pretty! Then, he could enter the contest. The day of the contest came. He went, and everybody looked at him in awe. Then, he began to sing. He got overexcited that one by one, the attached feathers came right off! And he didn’t notice, not one bit! He looked as his black feathers in dismay. Then, he started crying.

” Don’t worry , Crow. Your black feathers are pretty too.” his friends and some other contestants assured him.

Even though he didn’t win the contest, he felt much better, and was more prouder of his feathers than before.

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Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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