15 May

             Once upon a time, there lived a royal family. They held a woman as queen. She was very fierce, mean, and not a mother a princess would like. Now, up in heaven, in a place nobody knew, lived many Flower fairies, and each and very one controlled a different kind of flower, such as, the dandelion fairy, the peony fairy, the cherry blossom fairy. Every single flower, of every kind, had a fairy, whose jobs were to coax them the blossom in the spring. Unfortunately, the lady king of the royal family wanted to go outside to enjoy flowers. Not like she would do horrible things though, but it was just that it was in the middle of winter, and flowers don’t blossom in winter. She went outside, saw the scene in front of her, and stood there, eyes wide. Then she bellowed,

” Each and every one of you stupid flowers, you better blossom tomorrow or else a terrible fate will come upon you all, and I will be in charge! Hmph!!”

Then, she stomped back inside, angry for not getting to see any flowers. Well, after the king left, all the trees were afraid, because if she was going to punish the flowers, that means all plants are involved. So all the plants, trees and shrubs that didn’t get covered by the snow sought the help of the flower fairies. After they heard this, the were really worried, and sought the help of their mistress, the flower queen, whose job was to look after all the fairies, and all the flowers, and had a name. Her friends called he Hundred Flower Fairy, and the smaller fairies called her mistress. Anyway, when the tried to find their mistress at her house, she wasn’t there, because she was entertaining some guests . She she wasn’t home. The fairies didn’t know which friend she went to, since she had so much, and soon, it would be too late, so all the fairies didn’t have a choice but to go to the garden and coax them without permission. Only Peony remained searching for her mistress, and while all her sisters were already in the human world, blossoming flowers, she was still looking. Then, she realized it was useless, so she decided to go down to the human world anyway. Unfortunately, the king was already outside, looking at flowers. Then, she noticed that the peony wasn’t blooming. She got angered, so she said, ” Why, peonies are my favorite flower, and why hasn’t it bloomed?! Guards! I order you to burn this flower to death!”

But, the princess stepped into her way, and said, ” Please give it a few hours, please, mother. ”

So she agreed. Peony made it, and she coaxed her flower. The king still complained that it was too late for it to bloom, so she banned it from the castle and ordered her servants to plant it outside of the castle, in the village, in other words. And that’s how the Peony became the most beautiful flower in the village. At leats, to the villagers.

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Posted by on May 15, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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