Cat and Dog Get Lost

15 May

Cat and dog were sister and brother. I know you’re thinking : Wait, dogs don’t like cats. Well, that’s what I thought too. They are enimies in real life, but not in this story. Quite simple, perhaps. The title gave it away. Anyway, one day, cat and dog were outside playing, until they got far into the woods.

” Cat, if you get hungry, ask me. I have plenty of food. ” said Dog.

” Thanks! If you get thirsty, tell me, because I have water for both of us. ” Cat responded.

So they played and played and played. Cat showed Dog how to catch butterflies, and Dog showed cat how to swim. They were having fun, until it got dark.

” Let’s go home. It’s getting dark. ” said Dog.

” Good idea,” came the response.

The two walked and walked, and then they realized that they were lost.

” I think we’re lost.” mumbled Cat.

Dog’s eyes went wide and barked, ” NOOOOO! I’m tired…”

Cat climbed on a tree and tried to see the road ahead. ” Aha! I see the road beyond those two hills, our house is right behind! Come on!”

Cat leaped off the tree and went ahead. Dog followed. They had eaten all their snacks, and Cat said,

” Meow, Mother promised me a fried fish. I’m hungry already!” 

They came to three roads.

” Oh no!!! How are we supposed to get home, when we don’t know which road is right??” Cat said.

” Don’t worry,” said Dog. ” I have a charm.” He said like a secret detective. He pointed to his nose, and then it started twitching, smelling the first road.

” Noo… Not this road . It doesn’t smell like home. ”

He went to the second road and sniffed. He had the same reaction as he did to the first.

Cat said, ” Well, if it wasn’t those two, then it must be the third one!!”

“waaaiittt, I needa test it first..” said Dog.

He sniffed it, and then jumped up, saying, ” It’s this one!”

The two followed it and went home.

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Posted by on May 15, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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