The Story of Li Bai

09 May

     In ancient China, there was a famous poet named Li Bai. So famous, that he’s still known today. You would’ve thought that he studied hard to get where he was, but no. When he was young, he refused to study and read. He always wanted to play. One day, when he was reading, he got distracted. He wanted to play. So he put down his books and went outside. He passed an old lady sitting outside her house. Strange enough, she was grinding a piece of metal on a rock. Li Bai found himself very curious, so he went up to her and asked,

” Grandma, what are you doing with that piece of metal?”

“I want to grind it until it’s thin as a needle, so I can use it for sewing.” she replied.

Li Bai laughed.

” That piece of metal is huge! To get it to be a needle, it would take years!”

” Nothing is impossible. ” she said. Then, said a poem right on the spot.

Li Bai went home, influenced by the grandma’s energy, and started to study from that day on, and whenever he faced difficulties, he always remembered the old grandma and her poem. And that’s how he got to where he was.

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Posted by on May 9, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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