The Day Rabbit Learns how to Swim

01 May

         One fine day, as Turtle was relaxing in his house,there was a loud knock at the door that startled him. 

” Who is it? Seriously, knocking any harder the door would break apart.” he muttered.

So he went to see. He opened the door and saw the scene before him.

“Why are you here? Challenging me to a race again? No thank you.” Turtle said. He tried to close the door, but Rabbit stopped him.

” No, no, please, dear Turtle, I am not here for that. ” Then, she lowered her voice and said:

“I want to learn how to swim.”

Turtle stared at her blankly, but she just stared back.

” Very well, but you should promise me something first- Promise me that you won’t give up .Okay?” He said patiently.

“Fine Fine Fine, come with me.” And, with that, she dragged him to the lake.

As Turtle started to head in, Rabbit stopped in her tracks.

” What are you waiting for? You’re not scared, are you?” He asked with a chuckle.

” No I’m not scared. Okay, maybe I am, because last time I touched the water, my eyes turned all red and uncomfortable!” she said.

Turtle swam back to the river’s bank and stared at her eyes. Then, he fell on the ground and started laughing his head off.

” AHAHAHA! You’re a RABBIT. You already have red eyes! ” Then, he turned serious. ” If you’re to scared and want to have excuses, then, you might as well not learn.”

” NO! I’ve already decided. I’m going to learn how to swim! ” she declared.

” I don’t get you. What’s so bad about being a rabbit? You can hop and jump on land and- ” he started before she interrupted.

” Actually, there’s an apple orchard on the other side on the river, and those apples look so good. I must have some.”

” Well, that’s easy,” he said.” Just take a bridge!”

” If I took a bridge, all the other animals would know, and the apples would be gone in 3 seconds! That’s why I need to get to the other side. ” she said defiantly.

“Alright, I’ll help you. But if you’re too scared to get water in your ears, then tie them up. That way, water won’t get in. ” he said.

” Good idea, but wait, if I tie up my ears, then how will I hear your directions?” she asked.

” Oh for heaven’s sake!! I’m going to go home and sleep. ” Turtle said.

” Ok, then you can teach me tomorrow. And until you find a way for me to not get water in my ears and be able to hear your directions at the same time, I’m not going to learn. ” she yelled from a distance.

” Just forget it! ” He yelled.

She ran off, and he shook his head with a smile on his face. Then, a moment later, Rabbit yelled from far away,


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Posted by on May 1, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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