The Ant and the Elephant

01 May

One fine morning, ant was relaxing in his bed.

” Good morning sun. ” He said cheerfully, and then crawled to a leaf and lied down. Then, suddenly, he slipped from the leaf and fell into a pond.

“Help!!” he yelled. He swam to a nearby floating twig, but it was nowhere close to the bank.

” Help! Can anyone help me? “

Then, he saw a nearby Turtle.

” Mr. Turtle! Can you swim me to shore? “

” That’s easy. But I won’t help you. If I keep helping people, I’ll have no time to rest. ” With that, Turtle accidentally flipped over and landed on his shell. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get on all fours .

“HELP ME, SOMEONE?” Turtle yelled. Then, he saw a nearby crow.

” Dear Mrs.Crow, can you help me get upright?” he asked.

” That’s easy, but I won’t help you. I’ve got an egg to take care of.” she said, and landed on the side of her nest. By accident, and by her weight, the egg in the nest fell out and onto the ground.

She gasped, but it didn’t break. She went down, and tried to pick it up, but it kept slipping out of her beak and, when she finally got it in her mouth, she couldn’t fly. She saw a nearby giraffe.

” Oh, dear Giraffe, could I stand on your head to put my egg back in the nest?”

” Psh, Your two dirty feet is never going to be on my head. ” the conceited giraffe said. She stalked off and her legs got tangled in some vines growing on the ground. Then, she saw a nearby Lion.

” Oh dear Lion, could you help me get loose?”

” That’s easy, but I won’t help you. I have a walk to continue. ” he said, and strolled away. Just then, His tail got stuck under a huge rock.

” Someone, help me!” Then,he saw a nearby Rhino. ” You there! Free me at once!”

” What will I get in return?” Rhino asked.

” Welll…. Uhhhh..” Lion stammered.

” Hmph! If I get nothing, then I’mnot helping you. Then, he bumped into a tree and his nose got stuck in it. ” SOMEONE HELP ME!!” he yelled.

Then, an elephant strolled by the pond Ant was in. 

” Easy! Climb onto my nose. ” So ant did, and got safely to shore.

” Thank you!” Ant said . He went home.

Elephant also helped Turtle, Crow, Giraffe, Lion, and Rhino. Unlike Ant, he got no Thank yous from those animals. He strolled off laughing to himself.

” Everyone needs my help. Silly animals.” Then, he fell into a hole. A pit. He tried to climb out, but then his weight didn’t help him. The pit wasn’t deep, he couldn’t get out though. He waited until night, but there was still no idea instead of yelling for help.


His voice echoed through the forest. All the animals heard him, but ignored it.  Too lazy to help him back. All except for Ant, of course, who started this catastrophe.

” I’m going to help him!” Ant declared.

” HA! A small ant, saving an elephant. HAHAH!” Lion roared.

Then, Ant got a bunch of his colony  and told them to bite the opening so then Elephant could get out.

” Thank you, Ant!” He said.

And they lived as best friends for the rest of their lives.

Moral: Always help people when they need help, and they’ll help you back.

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Posted by on May 1, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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