The Tortoise and the Hare

25 Apr

Once in a great forest, there lived many animals. Among them, lived a tortoise, and a hare. Now, they were quite different. Actually, very different. You see, Hare was the fastest animal there, while tortoise was the slowest. One day, as Hare was running, she bumped into tortoise.

” Oh, Tortoise, I challenge you to a race.” she said.

” No. You know you’re going to win, and after you do, you want everybody to see how slow I am right?” he responded with a huff.

” Of course not, dear friend, I just want to have some fun. Besides, everybody knows that I’ll beat you.” she said, with her chin up.

Tortoise reluctantly agreed, just to show Hare what he’s made of. And to stop the continuous blabbering coming from her mouth. So, the day of the race has come. Tortoise and Hare lined up at the start line…. and the announcer said:

” Go!”

Hare zoomed by really fast, while Tortoise took a few steps.

” Hmm.. look at him. SLOW! Ha! His regret to agree to race with me. ” she hollered.

Then, she lay down, and took a nap, thinking that she would still be ahead afterwards. But, to everybody’s surprise, Tortoise did not slow a pace. He soon came to the tree which Hare was sleeping, and crawled pass with a smile.  Hare woke up with a start.

” Oh no! How could I have slept so long?!”

Then, in full speed, she raced to the finish line, but guess who was waiting for her? That’s right. Tortoise was already there.

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Posted by on April 25, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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