Hansel and Gretel

19 Mar

Once there lived a woodcutter who had two children. Their mother died. The woodcutter remarried to another woman. She was evil hearted and selfish.Hansel and Gretel one day overheard their parents’ conversation.

” Why, we must get rid of the children.” the stepmother said.

” No. They are my only children and we cannot get rid of them.” the woodcutter replied.

” Come on!! If we don’t get rid of them, we’ll starve! After they’re gone, we can work for ourselves.”

The woodcutter disagreed for many days, until, after all that nagging, he finally agreed. They took the children for a walk in the woods. Hansel remembered what they said:

We can leave them in the woods. Then, we’ll go back home.” said the stepmother.” We’ll take them on a walk, deep into the forest, and them, leave them there.”

 So, on the day the evil stepmother decided to take them to the woods, Hansel grabbed a bunch of pebbles and shoved them into his pocket. On the way, he took a pebble and dropped it on the ground to make a path back home.Of course, he did this secretly, or else his stepmother would know. She left them under a tree and said:

” You two, here is supper, I will go look for your father and help him.” and , with that, she was gone. They sat there near the fire, ate their dinner, and went to sleep.

When they woke up, it was almost midnight. Gretel cried, for she knew that her parents ditched her.

” Don’t cry, Gretel,” Hansel said.” Wait ’till the moon rises. We will go home soon. ”

Then, the moon rose, and it lit up the path. Hansel followed his pebbles, all the way home, leading Gretel. When they got home, their stepmother scolded them:

” You two irresponsible kids, we thought you were gone for good! Don’t wander everywhere!!”

Inside, she was steaming with anger. Their father was overjoyed. The next day, the stepmother took them out once more. This time, Hansel had bread, not rocks. So he used bread to mark the path. As soon as the moon rose, Hansel could not find a single piece of bread, because the birds ate it all. So, they slept there, until morning. Then, the two children started wandering about in the forest. Wandering for hours, until they saw,a house made out of candy! The two were starving, so they ran up to the house and ate a bunch.

” Who is eating my house?!” a voice boomed.

Out came an old lady, that was a witch.

” Whoever eats my house, will work for me!” she bellowed.

She grabbed them both, locked Hansel in a cage, and made Gretel her servant. She wanted to make Hansel soup.She ordered Gretel to do all the hard work, and made her make food for Hansel, so he would grow fatter and be a scrumptious soup. Every day, the with would feel Hansel’s finger to see if he’s grown fatter. Since her eyesight wasn’t too well, hansel took advantage and gave her a thin bone to feel . Then, one day, she grew quite impaitient, and decided to cook Hansel for soup anyway, and ordered Gretel to prepare boiling water. Gretel said she didn’t know how, but she actually did. She asked nicely if the witch would come and show her. The witch came, and Gretel pushed her into the boiling water, where she never showed up, again. Gretel took the key, freed her brother, grabbed all the riches and money the witch had in her house, and went outside. A friendly swan motioned for them to get on his back, one by one though, because they were too heavy for him. He took Gretel first, and took her home, then went back to fetch Hansel. The old stepmother had gotten chased away by their father, because he realized what a selfish woman she was. Then, the three of them lived a happy life , for the rest of their life, in peace, and harmony. Also, the witch’s money helped them through hard troubles, so they were never poor again.

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