Blue Beard

14 Mar

Once there was a man… rich… wealthy… wifeless… and, he had a blue beard. All the ladies were scared of him, since they heard that he has married many women before, that suddenly dissapeared. No one knows but him. Desperate for a wife, he often went to his neighbor’s house, who had 2 daughters. They were the most beautiful, and Blue Beard asked thier mother if he could have one of them for his bride, leaving them to choose which one. The two sisters worried very much, for they did not want to marry a man with a blue beard. Soon enough, one of the sisters noticed that his beard wasn’t that blue, and got married to him.

Then, he led her into his house, more like a mansion though. The next day, he told his wife:

” Darling, I need to go out for important business. Here are the keys for every room. Delight your friends with every one except for the basement one. That room is forbidden to enter. If you go in that room, you will get a suitable punishment. NO ONE shall enter that room. Understood?”

She nodded, and he kissed her tenderly. Then, he went away. She greeted her friends and they went to every room avaliable. They admired her friend’s riches, since there were rooms full of money, jewels, and sacred possesions. She remebered Blue Beard’s warning, but didn’t listen. Her curiosity was overcoming her common sense. She slipped away from her friends and went down the basement stairs. There, was a rusty old door . Her trembling hand held the key. Slowly, ever so slowly, she put the key into the lock. They door flew open. She didn’t believe what she saw. There, lying on the floor, was blood. And further into the room, were dead bodies of his past wives. She gave a little yelp and dropped the key. It got covered in blood. She ran up the stairs, trembling with fright, determined to run away. She wiped the key. It didn’t come off. She washed it. It didn’t come off. Actually, the key was given to Blue Beard by a fairy, so blood stuck to it. She was so scared. Later, Blue Beard came back and asked for his keys. She gave him all his keys except for the blood covered one. He demanded for it, so she gave it to him.

” Why is it covered in blood??!!” he bellowed.

” I don’t know..” she replied, clearly afraid.


He raised his weapon, and she begged him to have a little time before her death. He agreed. She wasted no time, and immediately called her sister, Anne.

” Dear sister, please call my brothers here!! I am about to die! They must come and save me!!”

” Don’t worry , my sister.”

She contacted her brothers, but they were nowhere to be seen. They took an awfully long time. Soon, Blue Beard got impaitient and forced her to come to him so he could kill her.

” Please, my dear husband, may I have some more time??” she sobbed.

” No, your time is enough!”

He raised his weapon, but before he could stab her, two men burst in. Recognizing her brothers, she prayed to God as Blue Beard fell to the ground. Dead. She now realized that all his belongings belong to her now, so she gave her sister Anne some, her brothers some, and her mother some. She soon lived a rich and happy life with her mother, her sister, who got married, and her husband, who she got remarried to, a kind hearted, hard working, young man.

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Posted by on March 14, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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