One Eye, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes

09 Mar

There was once a mother who had three children. One eye, two eyes, and three eyes. One eye, as you can guess, had one eye, and the rest of the girls occured to their names. Okay, so lets hear the story. One Eye and Three Eyes were treated well by their mother. But, poor , kind Two Eyes, wasn’t cared for at all. They gave her scraps to eat, gave her rags to wear, and made her do all the chores. One day, she was out feeding her goat, crying because she was so hungry. Then, an old woman appraoched her.

” What’s wrong , my dear?” she asked.

” My mother doesn’t care about me. She gives me scraps to eat and rags to wear. I am never full.’ she sobbed.

” Don’t worry my sweetheart, say this to your goat:

‘Bleat, my little goat, bleat,

Cover the table with something to eat.’

That is for making you full. You will be rewarded for you paitience, tolerance, and kindness. And , one more thing. When you want to make it vanish, say these exact words:

‘ Bleat, bleat, my little goat, I pray, and take the table quite away.’

And then it will vanish, and you can go home full. Just don’t let one of your sisters know.”

And, with that, she walked away. Two-eyes was eager to try the spell, so she said the magic words to her goat:

Bleat, my little goat, Bleat, cover the table with something to eat.

With that, there, magically, was a table filled with the rarest recipies only the king could eat. She ate heartily. Then she said the other magical words:

Bleat, my little goat, I pray, and take the table quite away.

When she went back home, she didn’t touch her scraps. She did this a couple of times and her sisters didn’t notice at first, but when she did this everyday, they got suspicious. So the mother concluded that Two-eyes must’ve found a place to eat. She could not allow this, so she sent One-eye to accompany her on her trip. Two -eyes was a smart young girl and knew what one-eye had in mind.

” Two-eyes, I will go with you to feed your goat, because you and your clumsy self must know how to properly feed a goat, I will come with you.” One eyes said.

Then, she took her goat and One-eyes up to the grassy spot where she usually brang her goat to.

” Come, One-eyes, I will sing you a song.” Two eyes said.

One-eyes lay down on the soft grass as Two eyes sang her a lullaby.

” One eye, are you waking? One eye, are you sleeping?”

So, One eye shut her eye and fell fast asleep .

Seeing this , Two eyes quickly said the spell and pop! came her table, and she ate all she could, then said the spell to make it vanish. Just then, One eye woke up.

“Now, now, One eye, how are you supposed to teach me the proper way if you are sleeping?” Two-eyes asked.

One eye went back to her mother with nothing to say. So she sent three- eyes instead.

” You, with your three eyes can see much more better than one eye, so follow Two-eyes up the hill today, and tell me where she gets her food.” the mother said to Three eyes.

Three eyes told Two eyes what one eye did, but Two eyes still knew what they were trying to do. So she led her sister up the hill abd sang her a song. But, not knowing what she was saying, she just said:

” Three eyes, are you waking? Two eyes are you sleeping?”

So only two out of the three closed, but Three eyes, seeing it’s a spell, closed the third one on purpose so she could spy on Two-eyes.

Two-eyes, not realizing that Three eyes is still awake, said her magical spell, ate, and it vanished. Three eyes had seen everything. She went back to her mother and reported what Two eyes was doing. Hearing this, she said:

” So, she wants to dine better than us huh? Well I won’t allow it!!”

So, she killed Two-eyes’s goat, which Two-eyes has used for the spells. Seeing this, she wept. The kind woman saw her once again, and asked:

” My dear, what is wrong?”

Two-eyes blurted everything out and cried more bitterly.

” Don’t cry, my dear, ask your sisters for the heart of your goat, bury it in front of your house, and you will be rewarded.” she replied. And walked away.

Two-eyes did as she was told, and when the sisters heard what she asked for, they burst out laughing.

” Haha, you only want the heart?! You can have it!!” and they burst into laughter.

Two-eyes buried it in front of the house, and went to bed.

The next morning, she peeped out her window, and saw a magnificent tree, with golden leaves, and silver apples. or, the opposite. She noticed, that it was n the same spot she buried the heart of her goat. Her mother and sisters were already there, admiring the tree.

” One eye, get a branch for me!” the mother said.

One eye climed the tree, but when she grabbed for a branch, it dissapeared and went to a different section of the tree, or, got out of her reach. She tried and tried, but she could not get hold of a branch. She climbed down and let Three eyes try, but the tree did the same to three eyes. Soon, the mother got frustrated, and tried herself, but the result was no different. Two eyes came out, and she tried. They were all shocked and jealous that the tree listened to two eyes, so they snatched the branch she was holding out of her hand, and went inside. She cried, sitting under the tree. Then, a brave knight was passing by, and he saw the tree. It was truly magnificent. The sisters noticed that he was here, so went outside to greet him, and they shoved two-eyes under a nearby bucket. He asked for a branch, but they couldn’t give it to him.

” Are you sure this tree belongs to you? Because it’s strange that a tree won’t listen to its owner. “he said.

The girls exchanged nervous glances, as Two-eyes stepped out from under the bucket, for she thought it was unfair .

” I am the owner, and I would gladly give you a branch.” Two-eyes said.

She gracefully took off a branch and gave it to the knight.

“Thank you. What can I do to repay you?”he asked tenderly.

” Take me away from this place! they don’t care for me! I need a place to stay.” Two-eyes said.

” Very well.” the knight said,

and he put her on his horse, and they rode away. One-eye and Three eyes didn’t really care, because the beautiful tree was still in front of their house. But the next morning, it wasn’t there anymore. It went to Two-eyes’s new home.Looks like the tree follows two-eyes everywhere eh? The knight thought that she was really beautiful and kind, so he married her. From then on, she lived a peaceful life, full of uxury and harmony. Years later, two beggars came to her home. They were her sisters! Instead of shooing them away, Two-eyes invited them in, forgetting all the mean things they’d done to her.

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