The Adventures of Kintaro, the Golden Boy

07 Mar

Once there was a brave warrior named Kintoki. He married a beautiful wife and lived very happily, until…he was dismissed as a soldier. He was so shocked by his sudden dismissal that he died. He left his poor wife alone in the world to live by herself. She was afraid of her husband’s enimies, so she ran off to the woods, built a nice little cottage, and stayed there. There, she suddenly gave birth to a child, and named him .. Kintaro. He had superhuman strength, and could do stuff that grown men couldn’t do. When he was eight, he was able to cut down trees as most the woodcutters. When he grew a little older, he could smash rocks. My, he was strong!! Unlike other boys, Kintaro grew up in the forest, didn’t go to school, but learned to speak animals’ language and understand as well. He made friends with all the animals, but his closest friends were a bear, a deer,a monkey, and a hare.

One day he was out playing with his 4 friends, and suddenly had the temptation of wrestling. Of course, he was the strongest, so he wasn’t in it. The dug a huge hole and that was where the wrestling began.  Kintaro announced the deer as umpire and hare and monkey wrestling each other. Bear was strong too, so she sat back and watched also. Deer picked up a leaf, and as soon as the leaf hit the ground , wrestling would begin.

” Go!! Go! ” Kintaro and the bear shouted, while deer was shouting comments like a sports announcer.

” Red back! Don’t let Long Ears beat you!!” Deer said, since monkeys in Japan had red backs, and rabbits had abnormally long ears. Hare knocked monkey over and was the winner. Kintaro took out a rice dumpling and gave it to Hare for the prize.

Monkey clearly wasn’t happy, because of his sore back that he landed on. He called for a rematch. The two wrestled, and Monkey was determined to win this time. He got hold of Hare’s long ears and kicked him away. Monkey was the winner! he got a rice dumpling also, and was so happy that he forgot about his sore back.

” Hare, that was a good game. Won’t you wrestle me too?” Deer asked.

Hare nodded, as bear went for umpire. They wrestled and wrestled, but it seemed Hare and Deer have the same strength. it was getting dark, so Kintaro said,

” Everyone, we will continue this tomorrow. ”

Everyone started walking home. Then, there was a big river in their way.

” Hmmm, what will we do?” they wondered.

Kintaro smiled and grabbed a huge tree, ripped it off the ground, and put it over the river.

” There, now it will be a fine bridge.” Kintaro thought.

Everyone didn’t see Kintaro’s strength, ever, so they were all so surprised. One of them was a woodcutter, who saw everything. He rubbed his eyes to see if he was blind, because he saw animals, following a child, and the child just pulled the tree off the ground! That was a really big tree also! the woodcutter hurriedly caught up, but not in sight. Kintaro, unaware of this, said bye to all his friends as they returned to their caves, dens, etc., as Kintaro went back home.

” Hello mother!! I am back!” He called to his mother.

” Oh, Kintaro, I was getting worried!” his mother replied.

Then, the woodcutter appeared.

” Who are you?” Kintaro’s mother asked.

” I am a woodcutter, that has seen your son pick up a giant tree! Why don’t you make go down to the city to make him a samurai?” the woodcutter asked.

” I’m sorry, but he is uneducated and will not be fit for a samurai.” his mother replied.

The woodcutter noticed the boy and motioned for him to come over.

” I would like to test your strength.” the woodcutter said.

Then, he put his right arm on the table. Kintaro did the same. They were arm wrestling! Kintaro thought he was going to win, but the woodcutter was also equally strong, so no one won.

” Ah, this proves that you are very strong, little one,” the woodcutter said. ” The truth is, I am not a woodcutter. I am a warrior that has come to search for more samurais. He is perfect. Will you please let me take him, Ma’m.” the warrior pleaded.

” Very well.” After all, she was indeed very happy to hear that Kintaro could actually become a samurai, and become a samurai before she died. The warrior took Kintaro with him, down to the city. His animal friends heard about this and asked if they could go with him, but his mother said that Kintaro would be gone for good. They climed a tree, watched Kintaro until he couldn’t be seen at all. His mother remembered his words,

“Mother, when I become a true samurai, I will come back often and build you a new house. Take care.”

Years later, he became the cheif of the Four braves, since he was the strongest of them all. Then, one day, there was a huge monster and the king got horrified so he called for Kintaro. Kintaro, excited to try his new sword, went to the monster , cut his head off, and presented it to the king. He did keep his promise to his mother. He went back to visit a lot, and built a nice comfy house for his mother.

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