The Farmer and the Badger

05 Mar

Once upon a time there lived an old farmer who lived with his wife. They lived on the mountain, having no neighbors except for the theiving badger. The badger would always come and ruin the farmer’s plants and mess up the dirt. The farmer’s calm, tolerant self could stand it no longer. He was going to get that badger. He one night stood behind his house with a stick to see if he could capture the badger, but all in vain. Then, he decided to make traps.

The next day, he found the badger in one of his holes that he dug to trap it. He smiled to himself, tied the badger up, and took it home.

” Wife, make sure this badger doesn’t escape. We will make badger soup when I come back from the fields.” the farmer said to his wife.

The badger was fastened to the cieling, tied up, upside down as the farmer left for work. Then, the wife too, went to her own work. The badger thought and thought of how to escape, but it was quite uncomfortable in this position. He looked at the old lady. Wrinkly, pale, kind face. Suddenly, he had an idea.

” Ma’m, that looks tiring. I can do it for you, I have very strong arms. ” the badger yelled to the wife.

” I would very much like help, but I was told to not untie you. My husband will get mad.” the wife replied.

” If you are scared of your husband, then just tie me up again after I help you. I’d really like to help.” the badger replied and plastered a fake smile onto his face.

” Very well , then.” the wife said.

She untied him ( a horrible decision) and gave him the necessary tools and told him how to do it. She walked aside and rested as he was about to begin. But instead of doing so, he used the sharp tool, jumped up to the old lady, killed her, cut her up, and made soup out of her ( ewwwwwww ) . The farmer was still working in the fields, expecting badger soup and proud of himself for finally capturing it. He then went home. Ah, the badger turned into the old lady’s form ( He’s done enough, but now he wants to trick the farmer , that bastard!!) , welcomed him home, and took out the old lady soup and assured the farmer it was badger soup. He drank it, and then, the badger turned into his true form, laughed and said,

” HAHA! Your payback!! What you have eaten is your poor old wife, her flesh is now in your stomach! That’s what you get!!” and ran away.

The farmer was startled and he just wept. He wept, wept , and wept, for he had eaten his poor old wife and not knowing it. Being tricked by an animal, and now, a loner. His crying startled a nearby rabbit, who was a little farther away that you could not really call him their neighbor. But, the farmer wept so bitterly that the rabbit decided to take a look for himself.

The rabbit got there, asked the farmer what was wrong, and heard the whole story. He got really mad because badger was his friend and never thought he would do such terrible things.

” Looks like I was wrong about him. Don’t worry, sir, I will avenge for your wife. I can assure you that he will die also, for repayment of his unkindness.” the rabbit said. And, with that, he was off. The farmer felt comforted… a little… and stopped mourning. Now, what will the rabbit do? Ah, I will tell you that

The rabbit went to the badger’s house and found him hiding there because he was scared of the farmer because he has angered him even more. He saw his friend rabbit and greeted him.

” Badger, my friend, would you like to go to the grassy area and pick grass with me?” the rabbit asked.

Badger forgot all about his troubles and told rabbit that he’d love to. So he went with the rabbit. They picked grass all day and then, when they were going back, rabbit set the badger’s grass on fire, not telling Badger so. Revenge was just beginning.

” What is that sound, Crack Crack?” Badger asked Rabbit.

” I don’t know, maybe you are hearing things. ” Rabbit replied with a shrug.

They walked further, and the grass patch that Badger collected started turning smaller and more burnt.

” What is that smell?” Badger asked.

” Ah, we are in Fire Mountain right now.” Rabbit told him.

Then, the fire burnt up the whole grass patch on Badger’s back and burned the hair off Badger’s back. he screamed. Badger lay in bed all week.

Rabbit had wanted him to die of the fire, but he promised the farmer that he would die. Looks like Rabbit would have to think of another plan. But, nevermind the other plan first, Rabbit had something in mind.  Rabbit went to Badger’s house to see if he was okay, as Rabbit made a mixture of hot sauce and chilli. It was a great medicine. He went over to Badger’s bed and warned him that the medicine could be very strong and could hurt. He applied some on Badger’s back as Badger screamed his head off.  Badger healed in a month, so Rabbit went to his house once again to congratulate him on the recovery, then they suddenly had a part of the conversation about fishing, and Rabbit said he went all the time, and it was fun. Badger had never fished before, but the way Rabbit said it made him want to go .

Rabbit offered  Badger if he wanted to come along with him. Badger happily agreed. Rabbit went straight home and made a wooden boat for himself, and a clay boat for Badger. Badger has never seen a boat before, or ridden one, so he thanked Rabbit for the time he spent for making his boat.

” Do you want to race?” Rabbit asked.

They both went onto the river and Rabbit paddled. The clay boat started getting wet, because of the reaction of clay when it touches water. The boat was sinking, and Badger was on the water, trying to save himself, as Rabbit got his paddle and told Badger that he was helping the farmer get revenge, and cursed at him and struck him with the paddle, and Badger never came to the surface again. Rabbit was satisfied for helping someone. He went back to the farmer and told him that he had avenged for his poor wife. The farmer thanked him very much and said:

” I could not sleep without knowing that my enemy has been killed, thank you. Can you stay with me? I am a lonely man.”

The rabbit happily agreed, and they lived happily ever after as best friends forever.

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