Tom Thumb

26 Feb

When King Arthur was ruling, a poor ploughman and his wife lived alone. they had prayed for a son. Then, one day, they heard that the great magician, Merlin, was at the king’s court. The wife persuaded the ploughman to go ask Merlin for a son. So, the ploughman went to the wizard for help.

” Please Merlin, we want a child. It doesn’t matter how big he is. As big as my thumb, perhaps.” the ploughman said.

Merlin decided to grant their wish, since it was a small one. he told the man to go home. When he got home, his wife was holding a small boy, the size of her thumb! The Fairy Queen came and gave him mini clothing, and named him Tom Thumb. She kissed his cheek and wished him luck. But, as Tom grew older, he became more mischievous, so his mother had to keep watch of him. One day, when he was holding a candle above the pudding , sitting at the edge of the bowl, when his mother turned her back, he fell into the pudding! The mother didn’t know so she started mixing the pudding, then put it in the oven. Pudding filled Tom’s mouth, so he couldn’t yell for help. The pudding splashed, because Tom was kicking about, trying to get out. The mother then thought that the pudding was cursed, so she gave it to her neighbor. When the neighbor ate it, Tom jumped out and went back home, covered in pudding. The mother washed him in a cup. Then, she decided to go milk the cow. She tied him to the side, afraid that the wind might blow him away. The cow bit off the string, and gobbled him up.

” MOTHER!!!” Tom yelled.

” Where are you?” she asked.

” In the cow’s mouth!!”

She got him out right away and went home. Then, his father took him out to plough, and then an eagle saw him and ate him up. The eagle dropped him where a giant lived, and the giant ate him up. Tom scrathed so hard that the giant didn’t want to eat him anymore, so he spit tom in the ocean. he didn’t drown, because he didn’t even touch the water before a big fish ate him up. That fish was captured and presented to king Arthur, and when cut up, Tom came out. The king was surprised, so he set Tom as one of his nobles. He started missing his family, so asked Arthur to let him go home for a little while.

” Sure, take this money with you.” Arthur said.

” Thank you your majesty.” Tom said, as he went home. He had to rest over a hundred times on the way, because of the heavy money he was carrying, but after two days and two nights, he got home to his parents, who were delighted to see him. He stayed there for three days and went back to court. The king was angered for some reason, so he ordered his servants to capture Tom. Tom hid in the bushes until he saw a colorful butterfly and hopped on its back. He flew up and up, but soon slipped from his seat and fell into a bucket of water. Luckily, a little girl saw him and picked him up. The king was happy at the end, to learn Tom was safe, and forgot all about scolding him. Tom lived in court for the rest of his life, as the smallest person there.

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