24 Feb

The bell rang for recess. A couple of boys were playing ball, when, suddenly, the ball hit an older boy’s head.He turned around and grabbed the first person he saw and attempted to punch him. The little boy cried. Mrs. Wang, the teacher was distracted by this. She went outside and said:

” Stop! What are you grabbing him for?”

The boys told Mrs. Wang their story. She nodded and then said:

” Boys, apologize. ”

” What? I got hit in the head and I still have to apologize?! NO WAY!!” the older boy yelled.

The little boy just cried.

” Okay, forget apologizing. I will tell you guys a story. Perhaps by then you shall change your mind, ” Mrs. Wang said. ” Once, long, long ago, there was a brave warrior, Han-xing. When he was young, he practiced his skills to one day become a brave warrior. He was tall and strong, and always carried a sword with him. One day, he was walking among the streets when a big man approached him.
” Why do you carry a sword? Do you dare to kill?” the big man asked.” If you do, then kill me right now.” the big man told Han-xing.

Han-xing knew better, and knew inside that if he kills someone, he will need to repay their life with his own. So he refused. He wasn’t afraid of him at all. It was easy to kill him. The man saw that he was refusing, so he said:

” If you’re too scared, then just crawl between my legs.” the man said.

Han-xing twitched. The big man left a space between his legs. Slowly, han-xing got on the ground. He crawled through. All the villagers were surprised to see a brave young man crawl under somebody’s pants. ”

After the story was told, the boys were surprised by Han-xing’s bravery. they still didn’t apologize, though.

” Hmm.. maybe you should hear another one,” Mrs. Wang continued. ” There was once a monk, named Da-xing. He didn’t socialize with the rest of the world that much. But, all of a sudden, when he was meditating, a group of villagers came to attack him. They beat him, called him names, and later on, threw a baby at his feet!

” Since you made it, you take care of it!!” the landlord yelled.

Da-xing was confused, because the baby clearly wasn’t his. Monks were forbidden to marry or interact with the opposite gender. Actually, the landlord’s daughter was all of a sudden pregnant, so she told the landlord that the father was Da-xing, which she totally lied on to protect the real father. Then he got a bunch of villagers and attacked him. He took the baby and raised it as his own. He had to beg for milk and bread. Days continued, then months, and years.Then, finally, the boy grew up and became a monk. when Da-xing was meditating at the same old place he meditated years before, the landlord came and apologized. He got on his knees. The daughter was there too. It all happened when the real father came to propose to the daughter. Then, the dughter had to tell the truth, so they all blamed it on Da-xing, who had no clue of anything. instead of being mad, Da-xing smiled and told them that there is nothing to forgive. All the villagers came to apologize too. They took the little boy and left. See, boys? Da-xing is very tolerant. It’s a true story.” Mrs. Wang said.

Then, the older boy came up to the younger boy and said sorry. They became friends. Finally, the bell rang for class.

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Posted by on February 24, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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