The Shoemaker and the Elves

23 Feb

Once there was a kind shoemaker who lived with his wife. Soon, nobody bought his shoes anymore, so he only had enough cloth for one pair of shoes. He sewed and sewed until his wife came in.

” Don’t worry dear, everything will be alright. Leave the shoes on the table and let us go to bed now. ” the wife said.

The shoemaker set the shoes on his table and left the room. But, what they didn’t realize is that their conversation has been heard by 4 elves.

” My, what a poor shoemaker. We must help him,” one of the elves said.

All the others agreed. That moment, they flew in the window and started finishing the shoes the shoemake had started. Before morning, the elves had finished the most beautiful shoes in the world. They flew out the window like they had come in. The next morning, when the shoemaker was getting ready to finish his shoes, he saw what was on the table.

” Who has done this for us? It is a miracle! Such beautiful shoes!’ the shoemaker said.

He put the shoes behind the window and soon there was a merchant who came along. He saw they shoes and wanted them. He gave the shoemaker enough money to buy cloth to make two pairs of shoes. That night, the shoemaker left the materials on the table. The elves worked that night. The next morning, there were two beautiful pairs of shoes. Even better than yesterday. He sold it for a fair price, and it continued for many days. Soon the shoemaker wanted to know who was helping them so he could thank them for their kindness.

” Let us wait behind the door tonight.”the wife said.

The shoemaker agreed. They waited,and the elves worked. When the shoemake saw that, he said:

” How lucky we are, little elves have come to help us! We must thank them, but how?” the shoemaker asked.

” Well, their clothing is torn. We might as well sew clothes for them.” the wife said.

” That’s a great idea! Let’s make mini shoes too!’ the shoemaker said.

They worked all night and went to bed. The elves came, and when they saw the clothes, the were overjoyed. They put on the clothes and flew out the window, and never returned. The shoemaker turned into a rich man once again, and him and his wife never forgot the elves for helping them in their time of need.

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Posted by on February 23, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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