The Lion and the Mouse

22 Feb

Once there was a big lion who lived in the forest. All the animals were scared of him. He lived in a cave near a big tree. One day, a little mouse and his friends were playing hide and seek in the forest. The mouse who was counting told everyone to not go beyond that tree. He closed his eyes, started counting and everyone took off. The little mouse went so far away that he didn’t even notice that he went beyond the tree. He kept on going until he went into the lion’s cave. He went right to the place the lion was sleeping. He inched closer, looking at the cave’s entrance, not noticing that  the lion was right there. He touched the lion’s claw and ,muttered:

” Hm, what’s this…. so sharp…”

….until he looked. He saw the claw, the leg, and finally, the face of the lion. He was so scared he started screaming. He screamed so loud that it awoke the sleeping lion.

” Haha, what have we got here? Oh! a mouse! Looks like I don’t have to go out to find my breakfast today..” the lion said.

” No, please spare me my lord!! I promise I will be of use one day.” the mouse replied.

” You? Help me? What can a small mouse do to help the king of the forest?” the lion boomed.

” Please spare me!!I will help you in the future, when I find a chance! Please!” the mosue begged.

The lion felt like sleeping, not eating . So he spared the mouse.

” Get out of my cave before I change my mind.” the tiger said.

” Thank you my king!” the mouse replied.

He ran off. A few days later, the mouse and his friends were playing their usual hide and seek game in that same spot. The mouse closed his eyes and started counting. Everyone ran off. The mouse that met the lion the last time hid behind the cave the lion slept, because he didn’t want to disturb the lion. But, he was surprised to see the lion tangled in a net. The mouse crept over to the lion.

” What has happened , my lord?”

” The hunters have captured me in this net, and they have went to get there vehicle! I need help!”

” I can help you .” the mouse replied.

” You can?”

” I told you, I would be of use to you one day.”

So, with that, the mouse used his sharp teeth to cut the net, and freed the lion.

” Thank you my friend, you have saved me!”

So, from that day on, lion and mouse lived as best friends forever.

Now, you must remember to not judge people by their appearance.

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Posted by on February 22, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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