The Five Chinese Brothers

21 Feb

      Once there were five chinese brothers. They all had a kind of power. The first chinese brother could swallow up the sea, so all the treasures of the sea would come to shore. So, no matter what kind of weather it was, he would always find a rare fish and sell it at the market for a great price. The second had an iron neck. The third could stretch his legs until it looked like he was flying with the birds, but he was still standing on the ground. The 4th chinese brother could not be burned. The 5th could hold his breath for a very long time.

One day, when the first brother went to the market to sell his fish, a little boy came up to him and asked,

” Can I come with you to fish tomorrow? PLEEAAASSEEE????”

” No, that cannot be done! It is dangerous for a little boy!!!” he replied.

” PLEEASEEEE” the little boy pleaded.

” No.”


The first brother sighed and finally agreed.

“But, you must agree that when I give you a signal, you must come back.”he warned the little boy.

“Okay,” the little boy said eagerly. So, as promised, he went with the little boy the next day.

He bent down low, took a deep breath, and sucked up the entire ocean as the pebbles, stones, treasures, fish, all came to view. The little boy shrieked in excitement and ran off, filling his bag with stones and pebbles, and pretty things that he’s never seen. The brother, meanwhile, took some fish. Then he realized that he couldn’t hold the sea any longer.

He gave a signal to the little boy, but was ignored. He waved frantically. He was still ignored. He gave various signs with his arms, but the little boy just made faces at him and ran even further away. At last, he could not hold it, so with a sudden burst, his mouth opened involuntarily and let the sea out, while the little boy disappeared. When he went back, he was arrested. The judge concluded that his head should be cut off.

So he said,” May I bid my mother goodbye?”

” That is only fair.” the judge replied and let him go. The second day, the sencond brother went in his place. ( Since they were twins anyway) Ah, the second had an iron neck. When it was time, the tried hard to cut his head off, but failed. So they decided to drown him.

So he said,” May I bid my mother goodbye?”

“That is only fair,” the judge replied.

So, the next day the third brother went in his place. This one could stretch his legs for miles and miles. So when they threw him in the sea, he stretched his legs until it reached the bottom of the sea, but his smiling face was still afloat. They realized they couldn’t drown him either and grew mad. So they decided to burn him.

So he said,” May I bid my mother goodbye?”

“That is only fair!” the judge replied. The next day, the 4th chinese brother came, so they tied him up and got firewood. The flames lit.

” Ah, so comfortable, put more firewood!!” he said, since he couldn’t be burnt.

They all concluded that they should put him in the oven until he couldn’t breathe.But, what they don’t realize is that the fifth one could hold his breath!

So the fourth one said:

” May I bid my mother goodbye?”

” That is only fair.”

So the next day, the 5th brother came and they shoved him in the oven. From morning to night , they all stared at the oven. They weren’t going to be tricked again. They were very angry, since their plans had failed. But, when the opened the oven, he hopped out! So, the judge said to him:

” Since we cannot cut your head off, drown you, burn you, put you in the oven, the gods have concluded that you are innocent!” the judge said to him.

Everyone cheered and he went back home, happily ever after, with his four brothers and his mother.

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Posted by on February 21, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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