The First Well

20 Feb

There was once a kingdom ruled by a king. Once, on a hot summer day, the river dried up. The villagers all went to the king for help.

” We cannot fish, and there will be no fish for sale, how are we supposed to make money to live?” the men asked.

” Please help us your majesty!” the women pleaded.

Children were crying of thirst. The king couldn’t say no. He sent his best 4 soldiers to search for water. They all went different directions. They all searched and searched, but found no sign of water. The first three went back to the king empty-handed. But, the fourth, he was determined to help the kingdom, and not dissapoint the king. So, he traveled for days and nights until he went to a place that was covered in snow . He sat on a rock for some rest. An old woman came up to him.

” What’s the matter?” she asked him.

” I come from a beautiful country, but the problem is, there’s no water. So the king sent four soldiers, me, as one of them and my three other friends to search for a solution. ” he replied.

The old lady motioned him into a cave full of icicles hanging from the top.

” We have no water here either. But, we call this ice. If you take one of these icicles back to the kingdom, you will have water.

With that, he grabbed a huge chunk of ice, loaded it onto his cart, thanked the old lady and raced back to the palace. But, what he didn’t notice is that the ice melted along the way. All that was left was a little piece. He presented the ice to the king. Now, nobody in the village has ever seen ice, and they thought it was a miracle. One of the villagers concluded a result.

” It must be water’s seed!!”

The king ordered the villagers to dig a hole in the dirt and plant the seed. They dug, and dug. But when they plopped the ice in, it dissapeared. They dug even more, determined to not lose a miracle.The next morning, the king came out to see a bunch of villagers sleeping on the floor , and some looking inside the hole. He was curious, so he looked inside.

” My, wake up my people!! The seed has sprouted!! There’s water in the hole!”

And that’s how the first well was created.

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Posted by on February 20, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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