The Frog Who Would a Wooing Go

17 Feb

Once there was a frog, named froggy. One day, his mother told him:

” Froggy, listen to me, stay home where you shall be safe, why, you have fallen in love with a mouse! Did you ever hear of those boys who throw rocks at us? Have you heard of hungry ducks?”

” Croak!” he replied.


” Croak!”

” UGH!!”

” Croak!”

So, with that, his mother got frustrated and left him alone at the river bank. As soon as he was alone, he put on his hat and started singing. On he walked until he saw a rat.

” Hmm, that looks like my friend rat, oh, look, it is!” froggy mumbled to himself.

” Oh, hello Froggy, what brings you here on such a fine day?”

” I was going to visit dear Widow Mousey, she’s an angel. I am too bashful to go myself, so can you come with me?”

” Of course,”

The two strolled over to Mousey’s house and Mousey cheerfully invited them in. They sat down and enjoyed beer. While they were talking, an old mother cat, named Browzer, with her little kittens were looking for food.

” Can you sing for us, Mousey? ” Froggy pleaded.

” well, okay. ”

She sang and sang with her high pitched voice, but they were both mesmerized. Music to their ears. But, Suddenly, Browzer came in, took the rat, while the kittens took Mousey. They both died. Forggy ran away in terrible fright. On the way home, he thought to himself,

” Good thing I’m not a rat..” until he saw a giant duck, the same duck that ate up his uncles. Only if he could leap over the whole river in one jump would he get away. He jumped, and failed. PLOP! He landed in the water and the duck ate him up. He didn’t get to go home.

Now, if you think this is a harsh ending, you must remeber that Froggy didn’t listen to his mother.

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Posted by on February 17, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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