The Three Little Pigs

15 Feb

Once there was an old mother pig who had three little pigs. Soon, old mother pig thought that the three were old enough to set out for themselves, so she let them go. The said a farewell to their mother as they walked away. The first little pig saw a man holding a lot of straw.

” Please, kind sir, will you let me have your straw to build a house?” the first little pig asked.

” You want to build a house? Sure! Take it!” he replied.

The first little pig left his brothers and built a house in approximately 10 minutes.

” Well, I sure am smart. A straw house is so easy to build.” he said to himself.

The second little pig saw a man with tree branches.

” Oh, please kind sir, may I have your branches to build my house?” the second little pig asked.

” Of course!” he said. So, he built a house with branches in about 20 minutes.

The third one, was aware of dangerous things in the forest, so he saw a man with bricks,and asked him for it. With those bricks, it took hours and hours to build a house.

” Brother! Come play with us! We are done with our house!” the two little pigs told the third, when they visited him.

” Sorry, but I really want to get this brick house done before night comes, I don’t have time for play. ” he replied. the two brothers skipped away to play.That night, a big bad wolf came to the straw house, and blew it down! He ate the first pig right up! The next night, the same wolf came to the second pig, and blew his tree branch house right down, and ate the pig up. The next night the big bad wolf went to the brick house. He blew , and blew , but couldn’t manage to blow it down.

” Hey! Little pig! I know a place where they sell fresh turnips!”

” Where?”

” At the farm, over there!Would you like to come with me tomorrow at 6:00?”

” Sure!”

So, then, that was the big bad wolf’s plan to eat him. But, the next morning, the pig went to the turnips at 5:00, knowing what the wolf had in mind. The wolf came to pick the pig up, but was surprised that he had went before him.

” I know a big apple tree near the farm! Would you like to come with me at 5:00?”

” Sure!”

But, the little pig went at 4:00, and managed to climb the apple tree. When the wolf came at 5:00, the pig had to throw an apple so far away on purpose for the wolf to get it. While the wolf was busy, the pig left the tree and went back home. The next day, the wolf said:

” Would you like to come with me to the fair? They’re selling a lot of stuff!”

” Okay!”

But, the pig went an hour earlier and bought a butter churn. The was rolling the churn along the way until he saw the wolf. He climed inside the churn and it started rolling down the hill. The wolf was frightened, and told the pig about his experience.

” haha! I frightened you didn’t I? ahahahah!” the pig snorted.

The wolf was so angry that he climed down the chimney and prepared to eat the pig. The little pig prepared a big pot of boiling water, and the wolf dropped in. The pig had wolf soup for breakfast, and that was the story of the three little pigs.

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