The Lazy King

13 Feb

           Once upon a time, there was a lazy king who didn’t like to work.  He lived with his servant. All the people in his village didn’t like him. One day the villagers decided that they would leave, beacause they thought that if the king didn’t help them, then they would become homelesses, since they followed the king’s example to be lazy. So, that night, they left the village and set off for another. The next morning, the servant startled the king by yelling:

” YOUR MAJESTY! The people are gone!!”

” Oh, really? That’s good because then I won’t have to care that much.” he replied.

That night, he tried to sleep but couldn’t. the servant cooked medicine for the king, but he still couldn’t sleep. So then, the servant finally decided that the king should work like him so then he would be tired enough to sleep. At first, he said:

” WHAT?! I am a king! I do not work like servants!”

But, alas, he finally agreed. He worked with the servant all day and night until all the houses in the village were brand new. The servant set out to find the people that used to live in the village. As he told them, they wouldn’t listen.

” Oh, the king? I don’t believe it. He’s too lazy to even get up from his bed!” they said.

Then, the servant sat down in the corner and wept. Only the princess of that village would listen to him.

” Let’s go back to talk to him,” the princess stated. The walked together and back to the castle.

The king fell in love with her the moment their eyes met.

” Oh beautiful princess, thank you for coming with my servant here to comfort me, you are very pretty. Will you marry me?” he said.

The princes was willing to marry him, and in fact, was very eager. At the wedding, the servant was the only one attending. After the wedding, they went outside and to the king’s surprise, all the villagers were back, and they were cheering!

” Congratulations your majesty!”

And from that day on, he began living an honest life, and stopped being lazy.

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Posted by on February 13, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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