The Wooden Tablet

11 Feb

                                           Author: Norman Hinsdale Pitman

                                           Rewritten by : Liana Chau

 ” You must take care of that tablet while I am gone, boy,” Kang-pu’s father said to him.

” Yes, father, of course.” Kang-pu said as his father left. He stared at the tablet that was supposed to hold his grandfather’s soul and touched the bottom, then shivered.

He had promised his father to take care of the cabbages in the garden, so he went outside. He had done this many times before.

Suddenly, he saw women and childen running for their lives, being chased by those horrible soldiers. They were very bad theives. They stole rom every house and burnt down every house they entered. Te men were away, since they weren’t expecting an attack. The soldiers were coming Kang-pu’s way now, while he was putting chicken feathers on the cabbages, since he was told they help the cabbages grow. The soldiers were already to the house of his neighbor’s. He dashed inside, remembering his father’s words, grabbed the tablet, put it in the basket of chicken feathers and ran.

” Don’t run, boy, we will catch you and your treasure!” one of the soldiers said.

He ran until he found a stone arch and stayed there.

It quickly turned into night, and his stomach was begging for food. He wanted to go back, but he was afraid the soldiers were still there. He went to sleep. When he awoke, it was still the middle of the night. Then, he heard someone calling his name.

” Kang-pu!” the voice said.

He thought it was his father’s voice at first, but then realized that it didn’t sound like it. He looked around. No one. He decided to go back to sleep , because he thought his ears were decieving him. Then he heard it again.

” Kang-pu! What are you doing, burying me in chicken feathers!” said the voice.

Suddenly he knew where it came from. He dug his hands into the basket and took out the wooden tablet. There, was a six-inch man before him, that he guessed, was his ancient grandfather’s spirit.

” It’s quite a soft grave, but very stinky.” the man said.

” Well sir, I have obeyed my father and took very good care of this tablet. You must be my grandfather.” he said

” Yes, indeed. And since you are so good to your old grand-daddy, I will award you.” he said.

” With what?” Kang-pu asked out of curiosity.

” Now, now, sleep well my boy, since I cannot do it now because the night is too dark for my old eyes. I shall do it as soon as the sun rises.” he replied.

Kang-pu did as told. The next morning, he awoke, but then realized that The stone arch was missing! What was also missing was- the tablet and the basket of chicken feathers! He was doomed. He saw the passageway back to the city and raced through. There, he saw a big stone wall that his father described to him that when he was little, he shouldv’e always listened to Kang-pu’s grandfather. It went something like this:
” Kang-pu, it is all my fault your mother has died, only if I listened to your grandfather then we would live in luxury in a big stone house.”

There before his eyes, was the big stone building his father has described many times to him.

” YES! The young master has returned!” said the servants.

Kang-pu stared in disbelief, knowing he was the so-called ” young master” . He was embarrased because the servants were dressed so well and he was dressed in rags. He entered the house and was quickly dressed up in royalty and luxury.

” Son! Your’e back!” Mr.Lin said to Kang-pu.

” Yes, I am back, but I have lost the wooden tablet. I’m sorry.” he replied.

” What? You have not lost it! It is right there!” Mr. Lin said as he pointed to a shelf.

Kang-pu looked and saw the tablet of his old grandfather, knowing that this was the gift that his grandfather was talking about the return of the big stone house that once belonged to his ancestors.

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