The Two Jugglers

11 Feb

Author: Norman Hinsdale Pitman

                                              Rewritten by Liana Chau

One day in ancient China, there were two men who just traveled there. They were walking around, looking like a father and a son. The son, with black hair and a strong body, carrying a wodden box on his back. The father, covered with a gray beard on his face, old and wrinkly.That day, however there was a festival and the streets were crowded.

The mandarin’s servant was out walking. He noticed the two men and asked what they do and what is in that big wooden box. They told him that they were the 2 jugglers and they could perform many tricks, such as turning rocks into mountains, a mouse into an elephant. The servant was pleased and rushed in the yamen to tell his master about it. The mandarin had guests at that moment, and was troubled of thinking of a way for entertainment, besides drinking tea all day. As soon as he heard the news, he was amazed and asked the servant to go outside to question them once more and he shall pay them well if they can entertain his guests. Soon they were let inside and started performing simple things as twirling plates on sticks, etc.

” You said that you could turn rocks into mountains and mice into elephants, aren’t you just boasting?” the mandaring asked.

” Don’t worry your excellency, I will meet your satisfactory level. Why don’t you start , give me a request, and I shall have it complete.” old Chang , as you should call the old father,replied.

” I want…” the mandarin began as the crowd started whispering.” …a peach.”

” That is all you want? A simple peach?” old Chang asked.

The mandarin nodded in confirmation and said:

” Well, can you show me the peach?”

” Why, of course.” he replied simply.

He took out a golden cord and threw it upon the sky, where it sailed up,up, and up. He smiled when he got the cord of desired length. At that moment, everybody forgot about the peach, the 2 jugglers, and they were just staring at the golden cord like it was a treasure.

” It is enough for the journey.” old Chang said.

” What? Will you abandon us?” asked the mandarin.

” I? Abandon you? Of course not! It is just that I am too old for climbing, so my son here will go.” he replied.

The son went on the golden cord and went up, up ,and up until he couldn’t be seen. The old man said he was going to the heavens for a peach from the heavenly garden.They waited, longer and longer, until a peach came down and my! Was it big, ripe, and round! The mandarin served the guests as the old man looked into the sky. He started to get worried, for the son wasn’t coming down. He cried and thought the son was caught and sent to prison for stealing a peach. Soon, young Chang’s arm was flopping from the sky, and soon, the rest of his body parts. Old Chang wept and grabbed the parts and put it in his box.

The mandarin pitied him, and gave him lots of money. After that, he told the wooden box:

” Come out son, the audience has given us money for our performance. ” Everybody stared. Young Chang came out of the box, alive and whole again, as they bowed. The wooden box opened as the audience were clapping and the two dissapeared inside. The box flew like lightning, straight up to the heavens, then dissapeard. There was no evidence for this story, except for that peach seed mext to the mandarin’s teacup.

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