The Talking Fish

11 Feb

Author: Norman Hinsdale Pitman

                                     Rewritten by Liana Chau

Once upon a time, there were two men, Li and Sing.They were best buddies.  They stole from the rich and made fun of the poor. When they got bored, they invited guests and served them with feasts. One day, Li got a fever. It was because, at that time, there were no hats, and it was a hot summer day. The doctor was called, and he said to Wang, the servant to not leave Li alone by himself or else he will suffer from the heat. Li was angered by this, but was too weak to say anything. As soon as Li felt asleep, the servant dashed out of the room to hang out with his companions.

” Wang! I need some water! I am dying of thirst! I can’t breathe! I need air!” he yelled.

There was no reply.

” Wang!!!”

Still no reply. he stumbled out of the room and went to the pond. He splased here and there relaxing the coolness of the pond. ” If only I could stay here forever. I am the best swimmer after all.” he said.

” Oh really?” said the hoarse voice.

That scared Li and made him jump. He stared into the pond.

” How are you supposed to be the best swimmer when you are not correctly made with scales and fins?” said the fish.

” Oh really? ” Li said. ” Would you kindly address your king to help turn me into a fish?”

” Why, of course. The king does anything. Follow me!” the fish said as he dove into the water.

Li tried to follow but was too slow, compared to the fish. ” Would you mind going slower  my dear fish, you must remember that I am a human.”

” Of course, sorry.” the fish said sheepishly.

They got to the palace, while the king examined Li, seeing if he was trustworthy. Soon, the king has decided, and turned Li to a fish.

” I will serve dinner to you today, but tomorrow, you must search for your own food like the common fish in this pond.” the king said.

The next day, Li was starving and trying to find food. He found a dangling worm and ate it. But, what was that uncomfortable feeling? Oh no! It was the hook! Up and up, until he went into the bucket, and into the kitchen. Chop! went the knife, and split the fish in half.

That’s when Li woke up and sat straight up. His fever was gone, but he was covered in cold sweat, from the nightmare.

” I am so glad I’m not a fish!” he said thankfully.

And with that, he got off the bed to tell Sing all about it.

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