The Strange Tale of Dr.Dog

11 Feb

                                           author: Norman Hinsdale Pitman

                                               rewritten by: Liana Chau

           Once apon a time there was a girl, Honeysuckle, who always loved her father, while the father loved her also. He was a skilled kite- maker, and used to give Honeysuckle all kinds of kites. He would write a sin and attach it to the kite.

       ” What are those strange little pieces of paper daddy?” Honeysuckle would ask.

      ” Those, are sins. about when my Honeysuckle has been naughty,” Mr.Min said to his daughter in a playful way.” Now cut the string,”

” But why daddy? Can I just keep the kite? It’s too pretty.” Honeysuckle would say. But as always, her father would make her cut the string, and let the kite fly away.

Years passed, and Honeysuckle grew to become a beautiful maiden.One day, she was looking at the pond and screamed of fright, instructing a servant to message her father right away. But with no further ado, she fell to the ground in a faint. She had to suffer pain. Her father was heartbroken. He called for doctors all around, but they couldn’t cure her. He put the prize as his daughter’s hand in marriage, and silver shoes. Some came for the  beautiful maiden, some came for the silver, but there was no one who could cure her.

          But of course, there has to be someone. As Mr. Min sat there in dissapointment, He heard a whining sound. he looked up, and he saw a shaggy gray dog. Mr.Min was desperate for anyone to cure her so he let the dog try.

        ” you must be here to cure my daughter.” he said. The dog gave 3 barks as a reply. ” come, this way,”

         Dr.Dog ran to the corner where the girl lay on the bed. He gave a slight cough, and out came a small stone. He instructed the girl to swallow it. She did as she was told. Not long after that, color returned to her face, and she was standing up and hugging her father in happiness. They thanked the dog, and he went back to the mountains.

         One day, as Honeysuckle went out to the market with her father, a beast suddenly captured her and dissapeared into the mountains. Just like that! GONE! They seached and searched but they couldn’t find her. Her father soon gave up and lost hope. Years passed.

One cool October day, Mr.Min was sitting on the porch where his daughter and him always sat when she was with him. But, suddenly, she emerged from the doorway with 3 very charming boys.

” My Honeysuckle, is that really you? Am I not dreaming?” he asked in surprise.

” No. father, you are not dreaming, I am here with your 3 grandchildren. Do you remember Dr.Dog? He was the beast who captured me, because he can change into any shape he wants! My, a magician I should say! We got married, and we live in peace and harmony. Today father, I have come to pick you up so we can live together in the mountains. ” Honeysuckle said.

” I have missed you very much dear. Very well, please allow me to pack my things.”

” I’ll help!”

And with that, they went to the place where Dr. Dog lived, a place even better than any place in the world with Mr. Min’s precious Honeysuckle, Dr.Dog, and his 3 grandchildren.

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Posted by on February 11, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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