The Man Who Would Not Scold

11 Feb

Author: Norman Hinsdale Pitman

                                             Rewritten by Liana Chau

 Once upon a time, there lived a man named Wang. He hated spending his own money, and he loved eating other people’s food, knowing that he wouldn’t have to pay, and would always lick the chopsticks clean. Every time that he was hungry, he would just drink loads of water to fill himself up, because he didn’t want to spend his own money for food. For that, people called him Miser Wang.

One day, he was lying near the stream for a rest, as he saw a bunch of ducks swimming by.He knew these ducks belonged to Lin, his neighbor. He decided to steal one and go home to eat it, because his mouth was begging for food besides flavorless water.

He took one and went home, killed it, and ate it. That night, he woke up out of nowhere, because he felt pain everywhere on his body. He didn’t have any oil for the candle, so it was pitch-black.

” I must wait ’till dawn to see what’s happening,” he said.

At dawn, he saw that his body was covered in tiny red pimples! And from those pimples, grew duck feathers! Only his hands and head were free of it. He yelled and hollered, hollered and yelled, until he fell asleep. He saw in his dream, Fairy Ancient Boy.

” Haha, what have we got here?” he asked.

” Ancient boy! Help me out of this pain! I do not want to be a duck!” Wang yelled helplessly.

” Well, this is what you deserve, because both your parents died because YOU refused to take care of them.” Ancient Boy told him.

Seeing that Fairy Ancient Boy knows all about his past, he bagn begging even more.

” Please help me!” he yelled .

” I cannot help you, but Lin can. You will repay him, and tell him the truth. The more he scolds you, the more feathers will come off.” Ancient Boy said.

Wang awoke, and he smiled, knowing what to do.

We might think that it was a silly dream, but he went to Lin anyway. On the way, he began to have second thoughts.

” I do not like to spend my money… I’ll just blame it on Sen then! And while I’m there, Lin will scold Sen, but the true duck-theif is me, so he’s scolding me! And with that, I don’t have to pay him and my feathers will come off! I am so clever!” he said to himself as he went to Sen’s house and pulled off some duck feathers and put them on Sen’s front yard.

He went to Lin’s house, and was greeted nicely, since Lin rarely looses his temper. Old Wang tried to fool Lin to blame Sen, but was told he was seen stealing the duck. For trying to blame it on someone else, he began growing more red pimples and growing more duck feathers. He finally told the truth and Lin just laughed harder and harder for every sentence he said. Soon, Wang could not tolerate the pain anymore, so he grabbed Lin’s legs and said :

” SCOLD ME!!!!”

Lin was a calm man,  who rarely gets mad. He was pinched on the legs and was angered.

“You bone idle hound! you whelp! you turtle! you bone idle, excellent-for-nothing creature! I wish you would rush up and roll out of this!”

Now, in China , this is very harsh language.

Wang, knowing he got scolded, started to feel more better, while all the feathers he had on his body fell to the ground. He knelt on the ground( no need for that, he’s already on the ground) and hit his head on the ground.

” THANK YOU! You have saved my life, old Lin, and you may have these duck feathers! Thank You!” he said.

He ran home and started living an honest life.

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