The Golden Nugget

11 Feb

                                               Author: Norman Hinsdale Pitman

                                             Rewritten by: Liana Chau

   One there were two men named Ki-wu and Pao-shu. They were the best of friends. They cared about each other more than they cared about themselves. One day they grew tired of the city and decided to go to the woods for a walk.

” My books are as dull as can be, how relaxing it is to take a walk in the forest,” Ki-wu sighed.

” I work as a slave and my master treats me very badly. It’s delightful to get a break from him.” Pao-shu said to his friend.

They walked and walked until they saw, on the ground, out of nowhere, a small golden nugget.

” Look! A piece of gold!” Ki-wu said.

They both ran over to pick it up, when Ki-wu picked it up and said to Pao-shu:

” It is yours my friend, for you have seen it first.”

” No! It is yours, because you have spoken first.” Pao-shu replied.

The 2 friends argued and argued until they just threw the nugget on the floor and laughed merrily as they walked away.

” Lets go to that spring and sit on the rocks, it is the coolest spot in the whole orchard.” Pao-shu suggested.

” Great idea!” Ki-wu exclaimed.

But, to their dissapointment, their spot was taken by a grown man.

” Wake up fellow! For there is gold down on the road waiting for you.” Ki-wu said.

The man rushed to find it while the 2 friends enjoyed themselves and chatted for an hour.

They were startled by the angry man’s voice when he came back, found nothing but told them he was met by a snake and had to kill it.

” Now I have lost my virtue for killing a living thing! How could you two startle a poor man from his rest!” he yelled.

The friends were sure that there was a nugget instead of a snake, so they went to check. They soon found a dead snake, and there was not only one golden nugget, but two! The friends each took one and laughed as they walked home.

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Posted by on February 11, 2011 in Fables and Stories


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