The Golden Goose

11 Feb

                                               Rewritten by Liana Chau

                  One upon a time there lived a man with 3 sons.  The eldest, one day, went out to the woods to chop wood. His mother gave him cake and wine so he wouldn’t be suffering from hunger. On the way, he saw a small man.

” Give me some food and wine, for I am suffering of thirst and hunger.” he said.

” No, because if I give you some, I’ll have none left for myself,” the eldest replied.

With that, he walked off. Before he even began, his axe fell on his hand and it started bleeding. This was the work of the small man, who was a magician. The second son went to the woods the next day. Once more, he was seen by the small man and was asked for some food. Once again, rejected , he made the axe fall on the second son’s toe. The next day, the youngest of them all, Simpleton, asked his father if he could go to the woods too. His father said no, for both the two elders got harmed. Simpleton begged and begged until his father finally agreed.

The small man came and asked him for the same thing. Instead of saying no, Simpleton said:

” Of course, but my mother only packed some burnt cake and sour beer for me. But if that satisfies you then it should be okay.”

The two sat down and Simpleton reached in. Since the small man was a magician, when Simpleton took out his food, it became rich wine and delicious cake. The two ate with all their hearts.

” For your kindness, chop down that tree over there for a reward.” the small man said.

He left, and Simpleton chopped down that tree as suggested. There, he found a goose, completely unharmed, with shiny golden feathers! He picked it up and decided to stay at an inn for the night. The owner of the inn had 3 daughters, and they wanted a feather of the golden goose. At night, when Simpleton was sleeping, the eldest sister snuck into his bedroom and held one of the golden feathers. But, she was stuck tight, she couldn’t get her hand off it! Her sisters saw it, and they touched their elder sister, but got stuck too. As Simpleton held the goose and walked across the street the next morning, people began to notice the 3 girls and tried to pull them off, but then they were stuck too! More and more people got stuck, and then they finally passed a rich man’s house.

The daughter was so serious that she never laughed. The man himself had promised, whoever makes her laugh shall be her husband. When she saw this, she burst out laughing. So, Simpleton gave up the goose, and lived happily ever after with his bride in luxury.

Some of you might ask, What happened to the goose? Well, they might still be wandering around right now …   ;D

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