The Faithless Parrot

11 Feb

                                               Rewritten by : Liana Chau

Once in a house there lived a colorless dog, Fido, and a cat, Tittums. Fido really loved Tittums, and was finding the right time to tell her. One day, she was lying on the floor staring at the wall with nothing to do. Fido saw his chance.

” Tittums, I like you, do you like me?” Fido asked her.

She didn’t say a word. She didn’t even look at him! Fido gave up hope and sulked away. Days later, the mistress of both of them bought a parrot. Fido got utterly jealous because the parrot said:

” Oh, my dear Tittums, you are the sweetest cat in the world. I speak five languages and live in a golden palace, I will take you away to live there with me. I am so much better than Fido aren’t I?”

Fido growled and glared at Paul, for Paul was the parrot’s name. But, Paul just looked away. Days passed, and one day, Fido was just walking around searching for food in the backyard, because his mistress had just left him alone ever since Paul came. He was skinny as ever, and his colorless white fur became dirty brown. Then, he heard a familiar voice.

” You are the most beautiful bird in this universe, I will take you away to my golden palace. I speak five languages. Surely I am better than your lost husband.”

Fido peeked, and saw Paul standing with Widow Daw, another bird. Fido stared in delight and went into the house to tell Tittums.

” Oh Tittums! Your love is talking with another woman, and surely he’s cheated on you!” Fido said to the cat.

Now, Tittums didn’t like Fido, so it was hard to persuade her to follow him. But, after minutes of persuading, she agreed, just to get Fido to shut up.

They peeked at the two birds together in the corner. Widow Daw was about to tell the cheater her secret, that she has riches and a lot of food that her husband left her, until Tittums could stand it no longer and leaped at Paul, scratched him up and down, in the face, in the wings, in the beak, until he was an ugly bird. Tittums explained to Widow Daw and told her he’s a cheater. She got so mad at Paul that she couldn’t resist pecking him on the wings. At last, he was a messed up bird, and Tittums and Fido went inside the house. Soon, Fido got a makeover, and Tittums did realize that she loves him after all. And from that day on, they lived together as a loving couple.

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