Lu-san, Daughter of Heaven

11 Feb

                    Rewritten by Liana Chau

Lu-san climbed to her bed as she tried to ignore her hungry stomach. But, she didn’t want food. She wanted something else. She looked at her selfish brothers, and went to bed .Lu-san was terribly frightened , because the other day, she was listening to her parents’ conversation, them not knowing she was there.

“Boys are only useful these days. Girls- who needs them?” said her mother.

” You’re right. I will take her away tonight.” her father said.

Lu-san was so scared that she couldn’t go to sleep. That night, Lu-san snuck out and stepped on the deck with the black water beneath her, as the boat rocked. She went ashore and ran for her life. She ran like the wind, faster, faster, and faster she ran, until she was so tired, she collapsed. She had just brang a small soapstone figure that had Kwan-yin, the goddess of Mercy carved on it. It was her only treasure, and she belived that Kwan-yin could bring her luck. She held it tightly and went to sleep on the ground. When she woke up, she just saw a beautiful woman looking at her.

” Are you okay?” the beautiful “princess”, as Lu-san would call her, said.

” Yes,” Lu-san replied quietly.

She just wanted to hug the princess, but she was too scared to get her dirty self on the graceful creature.

” I belive this belongs to you,” Lu-sa said, as she handed the princess the soapstone figure. ” It is my only treasure, for I have nothing of my own but this.”

The princess took to piece of stone and looked at it.

” Do you know whom you are giving this to?” she asked Lu-san.

” No, but you’re so beautiful, I can assume that it’s yours.”

The princess leaped foward and hugged Lu-san tightly, while Lu-san emraced her back. The princess cried a tear that landed on Lu-san, but she didn’t notice, because she was already fast asleep.

Lu-san awoke finding herself back in the boat on her normal old bed. She was happy to be back anyway. She was just about to get up until she heard:

” Yesterday, I tried to lift her out of bed, but when I touched her, it felt like I got shot by a gun!” her father said.

” You should be more careful! The gods and goddesses have preotected her, and we are going to be punished!” her mother said.

After she heard this, she was quite shocked. She shrugged off the feeling and reached for her pile of rags that she called ” clothes”. But, there, she saw the most beautiful kimono ever, with the most dainty shoes. And, best of all, she found her hands the smoothest, whitest hand she had ever seen. Yesterday, they had been dry and crackly, from all the shores she had to do, ALONE. Everything she touched became as rich as her clothing. her bed, turned into the most awesome silk bed, while her parents were in the corner , in their rags, shivering with fright. They bowed to Lu-san, not knowing that she is their daughter.

” Father, Mother, please get up, I forgive you for being so harsh!” Lu-san said to them.

After that, they started living as good people, and people started calling Lu-san, a small ten year old girl, the richest person alive.

One day, everyone was looking up at the sky at two huge birds. The birds landed on the ship, carrying a big gold chair for Lu-san. She said goodbye to her parents, as she got on the golden carriage.  Then, everyone heard a voice as Lu-san dissapeared into the sky:

“Thus Kwan-yin, Mother of Mercies, rewards Lu-san, daughter of the earth. Out of the dust spring the flowers; out of the soil comes goodness. Lu-san! that tear which you drew from Kwan-yin’s eye fell upon the dry ground and softened it; it touched the hearts of those who loved you not. Daughter of earth no longer, rise into the Western Heaven, there to take your house among the fairies, there to be a star within the azure realms above,”

Soon, the golden carriage was nowhere to be seen, for Lu-san has been rewarded, and shall now live the life of luxury.

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