How Footbinding Started

11 Feb

                                          author: Norman Hinsdale Pitman

                                         rewritten by: Liana Chau

            It all started when the gods were first creating the earth. The beutiful goddess, Lu-o, sat paitiently for her subjects to finish making the earth. She gasped in horror as she saw the ball slightly roll to the side! She wouldn’t le it fall to the bottomless pit down there. She held it firmly with her magic wand until the chief god came and held it in place once again.

            Soon, it was all done, so it was time to separate the heavens from the earth. Lu-o had come to the human world to help the humans realize that the point of living is to be kind. The humans thought of her as a kind goddess and they all loved her. They built a statue to her honor and people from all of  China came to see it. They prayed for luck and peace.

              One day, the selfish king, Chow-sin, came to the temple to pray to  Lu-o. He was entranced by her beauty so he wanted the statue and have her for his second bride. Lu-o was angered by this, thinking:

” How dare a mere prince claim that I shall be his bride! He shall deserve a punishment.”

And with that, she ordered one of her subjects, the fox sprite, because he really was a fox anyways.  He waited patiently for the time to come.

Now let’s get back to Chow-sin. One day, in the palace, one of his servants suggested an even more beautiful young lady, and the greedy king wanted her for his bride. Poor Ta-ki, as this was the girl’s name, cried as she heard the news. Her father, Su-nan, also disagreed too. After the royal messanger sent Ta-ki’s message to the king, he was outrageous!

” How dare a commoner be so rude to a ruler! I order you to kill all of Su-nan’s people and spare none! Go!” ordered the greedy king.

The war lasted days. At last, Ta-ki got tired of this mess.She decided to get married anyways. Her father solemnly agreed. They set out on their journey that very night.

Now, we must not forget about the fox sprite and Lu-o. The fox sprite saw his chance and went down to earth. He got there as soon as Ta-ki was about to go to bed. She was frightened at first, besides, who wouldn’t if they saw a fox come out of nowhere? But as sson as he told her he’s a subject of Lu-o, she relaxed, because she’s heard of the kind goddess. He offered to help     Ta-ki punish the king by switching spirits. Ta-ki agreed, as they switched. After the switch, Fox sprite noticed that he still had fox feet, for the transformation was not yet complete. He shrugged it off, because no one will notice. Ta-ki obediently stayed there. The next morining, they set off once again.

They soon got  married, and since Ta-ki’s face was so beautiful, the king sort of got hypnotized by her beauty, so he listened to her. Now, fox sprite is in her body right now. His plan is to get him to do bad stuff to the citizens, so they’ll hate him.

All the women in the palace were very nice to Ta-ki, and were very amazed by her small feet, because you must remember that she still has fox feet. Women everywhere in China heard of this, and tried to make their daughters’ feet small, because they thought of a crooked, mishaped, and small foot more graceful of a natural one.

Years passed, and one day they started an army and defeated Chow-sin. They knew that the maiden was behind all this so they decided to kill her, but they didn’t want to kill a magnificent creature like her. But one person in the crowd came up and stabbed her right in the middle of her chest! Surprisingly, she didn’t die! She just swayed back and forth, then fell to the ground. The Fox Sprite has done his job. Ta-ki also had her body back. The citizens told her what happened, then asked for her story after seeing she was unharmed after a stab in the heart. She tried to explain the fox sprite, changing bodies, revenge, but they wouldn’t belive her. But after they saw her feet, they started to believe that her story was true!

And that, was the story, of why women in China today, have very small feet.

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