Read a fantasy novel to be- on a website. Anyways, enjoy it! It actually has no moral in it, but it is a little more interesting than the other stories.


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With Poptropica videos and origami tutorials. ( And a little more.)

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Learn Chinese Knotting and Origami

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Want to read more?

Want to read more? Go visit for:

TV Programs,

Translated Chinese Videos

If you’re good in english, this website will teach you how to speak chinese, and, if you’re good in Chinese, you’ll learn english!


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Nu Wa Creates Humans

After the world was made by Pan Gu, Nu Wa, a goddess, came to Earth. According to the myth, she made people. It all started when she was all alone, and lonely. So she got some mud, some water, and mixed it up to get clay. Her first batch of clay people were like puppets. They didn’t move, didn’t talk, didn’t have life! So Nu Wa blew on them, and they came alive. They were mindless though, they couldn’t learn to adapt their environment, and would die out really fast. So everytime they died, Nu Wa had to make a new batch. It was tiring work.

She kept making them, and soon the clay people learned to control themselves and live. Nu Wa also let women and men get together to reproduce. That way, the human population would never die out.

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The Story of the 10 Suns

Once, long long ago, there used to be 10 suns. They each took a turn going up the sky each day. Since they all agreed that they’re all lonely when they go up the sky alone, they decided that they should go up the sky at the same time and play as long as they want. So the next day, they all went up. Weeks went by, and when the king knew about this, he prayed to god for it to be normal again. Many died because of the heat. Soon, the king of heaven saw the human king’s prayer, and sent the master archer, Chang E’s husband, to take care of the mess down on Earth. So he went to earth and saw how much plants and people were dying. So he got his bow and his arrow and shot 9 right out of the sky. He was about to shoot the 10th one, but just then, his wife, Chang E appeared out of nowhere and told im to spare the last sun. Humans need the light and energy of the sun, and if the archer shot all of it, then, the humans won’t be able to live either. So from then on, only one sun watched over the earth.

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The Rat in the Rice Tank

Once there was a rat. He was very skinny, because he had been wandering for quite some days now, with an empty stomach. One day, as he was walking in the woods, he saw a nice house. He snickered to himself and sneaked inside. There was no one home. Probably the owner was on vacation. He saw  a vase on the table. It smelled like food, so he climbed up the table to have a look. He climbed all the way to the tip and tried to climb in. It wouldn’t let him in, so he tried even harder to get in. Instead, the vase wobbled and it flipped him all the way to the end of the table, into the rice tank.

He was scared at first, then touched the white rice to examine.

” Oh my goodness! It’s rice!”

Then, he ate and ate and ate, until he was full. He wanted to get out, but then thought,

” If I get out, then I’ll never be able to eat this ever again. Hmm.. Just a little more.”

So he ate even more. He lie down for a nap. When he woke up, he ate more.

“Ahh.. Why not just stay here forever and ever and ever? I’ll never have to look for food again!” he thought.

So he ate. And stayed there. One day, the rice  ran out.

“oh no! The rice ran out! Well.. Perhaps it’s time to go now.”

He tried to climb up the side of the tank, but he kept sliding down.

“What’s happening? It’s supposed to let me out, and I’m supposed to jump right out without struggling! Oh no! What now? What if someone finds me?” Actually, he didn’t excersize at all! So he grew fat.

So he stood there. just then, the owner of the house came back. Thr rat was wiggling so much, that the rice tank shook!The owner noticed, and the rat had no choice but to get caught.


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